Children’s Clothes


2 Comments to “Children’s Clothes”

  1. I am a previous customer of Denham Design. I just purchased an old Creative Needle 1986 from an Estate Sale. The Lady that owned the house must have sewed for Lil Filly Originals, Inc. I actually live in Olive Branch, Ms. but the Estate Sale was in Memphis, Tn. I have sewed off and on for the Woman’s Exchange in Memphis, Tn. I am unemployed now as almost everyone is this day and time. I still do embroidered collars, the Nursery Rhythm Ones that Woman’s Exchange in Memphis sells. I would like to enquiry if you need any seamstresses at this time? I do smocking, hand work, putting the dresses and such together. I would evenualy like to have a shop of my own some day. Please email me @ Thank You, Karen Hunt.

  2. I am looking for a ready to smock christening gown in an infant/ 3 month size. The family is unable to find their heirloom gown and the baby girl is due any day. I looked at Martha Pullen but they only have a boy gown listed. My email is I tried emailing the contact Either at your etsy or Marilyn’s closet and it was returned.

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