Boys Embroidered onsies and matching seersucker shorts

These sets have turned out so cute. The seersuckers came from and I was able to find the onsies locally.




4 Comments to “Boys Embroidered onsies and matching seersucker shorts”

  1. These are so darling. I think we have sort of invented something new that the young parents will like and the Mother’s Day out . They told Reagan to have easy outfits to get on and off to change diapers. You cannot get any earlier than these. I am going to tell you the Farm House Fabrics embroidered I like for the fall. You be the judge of what will work. I know you wanted to use JUJU, is that the name for embroidery or applicany for the fall. You are the best these are wonderful.


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  2. These are just adorable!

  3. Can you do Santa sweet shop for Xmas. I would do it in red pin wheel corduroy. Also whip stitch piping for shirt. What do you think. I cannot decide about embroidery Tigers for LSU suit. What do you think? On one hand I like it and on the other ,I wonder if it will be too much. We like the corduroy horse embroidery jacket with zipper what do you think. Can you send me measurements one more time. I going to get hem tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.


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    • I would only use the embroidered tiger corduroy for a plain john john or pants. I have the go tigers smocking all done.i think the check will be better.I will email you the needed measurements.

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