Bearissima Christening Gown With Tatting

kristalhuntly tatted christening gownchristeninggownkristalhuntley2013 011christeninggownbonnetkristalhuntley2013 002christeninggownslipkristalhuntley2013 001christeninggownrtsbootieskristalhuntley2013 003christeninggownkristalhuntley2013 007I just completed another christening/Baptismal gown. This one is white Bearissima Swiss Batiste with white tatting. This set had a slip, ready to smock booties and a sweet bonnet. Customer smocked the back and front, but will need to add a few more smocked rows to the front of the gown.The front band has white mother of pearl buttons. The front placket also has entredeux and tatting on either side. The hem has sections with 5 rows of tiny pintucks and tatted insertion in between. the edge has tatting and is rolled and whipped and then pinstitched. The slip has the baby’s name and christening date embroidered on it. It also has tatting around the lower edge. Just got this precious picture of the baby boy wearing it!


2 Comments to “Bearissima Christening Gown With Tatting”

  1. Patti,

    Reagan has been told by her doctor that she is going to have a baby boy over 8 lbs. Reagan told me that she does want the baby to be Christened. She has picked out two Churches. One is formal,so bubble with button on skirt, lace and beading. The other church a lovely boys christening outfit, but with pants. I was thinking about a white shirt with white Smocking and pearls and beading in Smocking ( if you do not think this is too much) and the pants white velvet button in pants. Remember those suits with button on pants. I will send you photos we took today of Kirby III button on pants outfits.

    It would probably he in September or October.


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  2. Absolutely beautiful! Love your motto…

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